Why We Exist

Tanzania Professional Boxing Regulatory Commission (TPBRC) was originally formed as The National Professional Boxing Regulatory Committee under the leadership of Mr. Emmanuel Saleh (Chairperson), Joe Anea (Vice Chairperson), Yahya Poli (General Secretary), and 10 other members representing other boxing cadres including ring officials, boxers, promoters & agents and ring physicians. All members of the Committee were appointed by the minister responsible for sports Dr. Harrison George Mwakyembe (MP) on the 3 February, 2018. The main objective of the Committee was to collect stakeholders’ opinions on the constitution of the professional boxing regulatory body, draft such a constitution and later on register professional boxing body.

On the 16 October, 2018 the professional boxing body (Tanzania Professional Boxing Regulatoy Commission – TPBRC) was registered under Chapter 49 of the Laws of Tanzania as NSC.12171

The Committee completed its tasks and on the 31 March, 2019 conducted its first election whereby Joe Anea won the presidency, Agapeter Basil (vice president), Yahya Poli (General Secretary), Capt. Bakari Songoro, Japhet Kaseba, Nassor Chuma and Hamisi Kimanga (members of the Executive Committee).